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Google has become the go-to tool for anyone looking for anything online. Google has integrated systems to make sure that the best options for customers are seen before options that are less useful to customers. Google uses an SEO system that favours a strong website that is responsive and now mobile friendly or you will see your website drop from being top of google to being at the end of the first page or even on the second page. With statistics showing that 3% of users look on the second page when looking for services and products and over 90% at least looking on the top result if not buy from that option. As part of Cog’s services, we will optimise your site to make sure it appears high on googles search list. We have worked with many companies looking to improve their standing on google and other search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization Company Norwich

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High end home entertainment installation company in2the Future approached cog media to design a logo that would stand out. With the client very hands on we fined tuned our initial concept to fit with their desired vision

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