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Martyn Oakley Creative Director

Founder of COG media

Founder and MD of Cubed Fusion

Martyn Oakley

Martyn Oakley has been producing CGI’s for the since the days of the Commodore 64. Creating artwork for a number of computer games for Amiga, Sony Playstation and PC formats.

Martyn then moved into the video industry producing promotional material for Maxell, Bernard Matthews, BMW, Lotus, AMG Mercedes, Honda and Volvo as well as numerous financial and insurance companies.

Martyn was lucky enough to got involved with DVD in its early years and has been producing content to this day.

Then 2 planes hit 2 buildings and a lot of companies stopped spending money…

Martyn then moved in the world of conferences, designing content for national and international events. I specialised in wide and multi screen shows using the Dataton Watchout system, producing shows all over the world.

2007 Martyn Oakley made the move to start his own Digital Design Agency…

Drawing on the all the experiences gained in past employment positions COGmedia is a multi services Digital Design Agency based in Norwich. With connections and friendships spanning two decades COGmedia continued working with past blue chip companies gain many on its own merits. 

2022 Martyn teamed up with Martin Reynolds to form Cubed Fusion, Bringing all of his years of experience in web design combining with Martin’s SEO and social media expertise. 


Adobe CC 2020 suite
Lightwave 3D
WordPress (with Visual Composer and Elementor bolt-ons)
Dataton Watchout 4 producer.
Sony Ziris content designer.