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Animation Production

Digital Animation Design

Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive

Animation is regarded as one of the best methods to transform your ideas to an attention grabbing marketing tool. Animated film and animation has now increased by 86% since 2001 and some of the most memorable films and TV shows are now fully animated. This has caused a creative explosion causing Advertising to take notice and start producing recognisable character animations to make their product more friendly. Causing a wow factor in an advert can cause people to refer to said advertising for the style and replay-ability of the video. Lots of companies now have their own animated mascot promoting their brand which can be emulated by companies big and small. 

Give the people what they want

COGmedia’s in house animation production team has over 30 years experience of animating for Video games, Cinema, Online Viral Videos and Company promotional material. The team works on building a strong brief, Storyboard, first draft, final draft and then a fully optimised video ready for use websites and social media, on-the-box, ready for presentations, point of sale and viral marketing.

Animation Production

With the rise of video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and social media, any business can now have a professional advert broadcast all over the world. Some of the most memorable adverts of all time have been animated with notable specimens being Comparethemarket’s Meerkats, Apple’s iPod dance and the Olympic 2012 promotional material. Here at Cog media, we can build you the advert of your dreams to promote your business to a global market.