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3D Design

3D Visualisation and Animation

A New Dimension of 3D Design

Our 3D design department works with architects, engineers and creative bodies.

Our 3D design department works with architects, engineers and creative bodies. We transform ideas, plans and sketches into visually realistic 3D views. Allowing their visions to be tweaked, manipulated and perfected before they see the cold light of day.

Our 3D design team have been involved in projects from the cinema, TV advertising, print and the games industry. Producing from the make believe through to the technically correct animated diagrams.

Equally important working under tight non disclosure agreements we pride ourselves on client confidentiality with some projects kept under wraps.

Static and animated 3D visualisations form architects draws are used to great effect to help planning and funding on building projects. We are also working on a number of our own projects that showcase  our 3D design department.

3D Visualisation

The world of 3D design is virtually infinite; the possibilities of what it can be used for can help a business greatly. The correct use of 3D can allow a company to visualise a future product saving time and money.

Bottle manufacturer Spectra approached us to produce a set of renders for their new brochure. In addition large renders were used for promotional banners showing branded samples of their product ranges. This is one ways we can create realistic looking renders based on real products or as a concept.

3D Bottle Visualisation

3D Amination

For those times when you just can’t get a camera on a subject. Whether its side the body, deep underground or just doesn’t exist in the real world.  Our 3D animation team can bring your vision to life.  Past projects we created opening sequences for feature films, Multi-screen animations for SONY, Computer games  and reference and technical diagrams.

Together with Intouch Systems used their plasma video wall to promote a new online cloud services. We used 3D elements based on the cloud logo design we produced for the service. Running in a bespoke cloud frame their trade stand was truly striking.

3D Character Design

3D animated characters can be a great brand ambassador or bring life to a company mascot. We brought a logo to the screen for the charity collecting unwanted mobile phones for Help for Heroes. Filming on location with members of the armed forces parachute team. After that we added in Mobi the 3D character version of their logo showing how to donate Phones for Heroes.

3D Terry Wogan
3D building visualisation render

Architectural 3D Renders

Whether its new builds from architects drawings or adding in new extensions, improvements or signage to real world photographs.  Similarly if you are looking into remodelling rooms within your home or business space 3D visualisations can save you money. For instance try expensive flooring and wall transformation before making costly mistakes. Here at COG media we used this when planning our recent studio overhaul.