Not everyday do you hear directly from one of the largest online companies in the world, but to be interviewed by them is quite surreal. Cog Media now appears on the Customer Testimonials page of Google

Google is a vital service for Cog.
Google’s services keep Cog going whether it be Google Calendar or just a regular Google Search. When we were called by the american company and asked for a testimonial I was more than happy to give my feedback on the services they provide us.  No sooner could you do a search, Google turned up and took my photo for the site and not too long after, it was online.

Cog Media interviewed for Google Testimonials reads:

“Design company Cog Media offers the complete range of graphic design services for online and offline media and prides itself on attention to detail. The company has been using a wide range of Google products since it was set up in 2007, including Google AdWords, which it encourages clients to adopt for their online marketing campaigns. AdWords is what has been most instrumental in Cog Media’s success. As Martyn Oakley, Owner of Cog Media, says “AdWords is an extremely effective tool when it comes to generating new business.” And this is evident in the fact that many of the company’s most valuable clients find Cog Media thanks to AdWords.”

See the testimonial here:


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