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Work experience… Fueling the Future

Jayden work experience

Way back in October 2012, Current Cog Media designer, Harvey came in as a 15 year old youngling on a work experience placement for a few weeks. Now nearly 4 years on, the lad who has since left high school and graduated from college, joined Cogmedia full-time. With business booming and clients coming in thick and fast, work experience placements are back on the agenda with the young Jaden Didwell.

The first step on the ladder of a youngster is having the skills and experience to progress. Back when I was a young kid studying for my GCSEs and dealing with the stresses of being a teen, my high school explained to me that we must find placements for work experience. The same place I joined for work experience is now where I work full time many years later.

This year we have already seen Joel Sharp put his head down and show his photography skills and peacock his knowledge of editing software and how to build some fantastic compositions. Truly, the younger generation have gotten more creative and this month has been no different.

July’s Work experience addition sees social media mogul, Jaden Didwell join the progressive Cog Media for two weeks and has slotted into the team like a puzzle piece. Coming to learn, develop and hone his skills, Jaden has also taught me and Martyn a thing or two about social media and YouTube monetization. Jaden joins us from The Open Academy for two weeks and its been a cracking start so far. Already a week in, Jaden has worked on professional companies such as Anglian Business Academy, Luxury clothing brands and itself. He has shown he can handle his own in the graphic design business and is willing and capable to become one of the new era of designers.

Jayden work experience interview
Jayden work experience interview

Jaden has come into Cog far more equipped than I was all the way back in 2012, with an advanced knowledge of viral marketing and online advertising, he has held his own in a fast paced and busy industry. Despite his age, he is confident and has a bright future in the business.

Jaden has applied himself fantastically since he arrived at the start of July. I have been very impressed from what I have seen of his work as well as the big man Martyn Oakley. Martyn has said that: “Jaden slotted into studio life from the get go, he had some great ideas and even helped with getting new channels with our social media presence. Its always nice to have a fresh aspect on how others use the web and social media. ”

Jaden has gven us a little insight about himself and what he wants to do for the future:

“Hi, I’m Jaden, I am on work experience at Cog Media. I am a 15 year old trainee designer who enjoys relaxing at home designing or playing video games. I started designing at school after my friend showed me Photoshop and I have been improving since.

I want to work with Martyn and Harvey when I leave school as designing is something I would love to pursue and make a career out of. My work experience placement at Cog Media has been very fun and I wished it would last longer! I hope to learn more and increase my skills in graphic design and impress everyone here. In my first week I have enjoyed doing jobs for Martyn and Harvey and learning from the best! The workplace is extremely relaxed and I don’t feel under pressure which makes me happy.

I have even taught Martyn some things about social media and YouTube monetization instead of him teaching me which shows you really do learn something every day! Overall I am extremely happy and glad I came to Cog Media for work experience and I hope to be here once again in the future.

Thanks to Martyn and Harvey for a great placement!”

Jaden should be incredibly proud of himself for what he has done over the two week period he has been here and has gelled with everybody in the studio brilliantly (even joining in with the banter). Everybody here at CogMedia wants to wish Jaden the best for the future and we hope to see him in a few years to help us with our social media!