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3D Rendered Trade Stand Wows Show

3D Rendered Trade Stand 2024

Rewind 4 years, before the world was thrown into turmoil by covid. We’d made a start on a video and trade stand package for our long term client Innovatium. The 3D rendered trade stand would have complimented the video we had been commissioned to do ahead of the show. We are all fired up to have some fun with the 3D visuals… Then we all know what happened next

Cut your render to suit for stand

The guys at Innovatium wanted to utilise one of first 3D rendered jobs we did form adapting to work with the the trade stand manufactures scaled plans. So we were not just creating one image for a pop up stand but the entire space, cupboards, fridge surround and two massive walls, both of different sizes. With two 55 inch TV screens hanging as part of each wall we had to create our background images inch perfect. As we were going to have the storage units in front of what would have been part of out render, we had a little fun extending our 3D flooring and adding in some water droplets.