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Carpenter Norwich website revamp

Web site Design Carpenter Norwich

A new client to COGmedia Gary Heed of the Carpenter Norwich contacted us to see if we could help him out with his hosting and website issues.

Having a look at the existing site we quick could see a number of problems, even offering a couple of CSS quick fixes to get the old site working better. Gary was please the with feedback and plan of action we came up with. Having got his domain in his own name away from the old hosting company and pointing to our servers we set about the revamp of the Carpenter Norwich website.

WordPress Responsive Website

Following the original look and feel of the web site we designed a platform friendly responsive experience. Reformatting all the old images at a hand full of standardised sizes for galleries were pleasant on the eye and functioned in a visually pleasing way.

Revamped Website Going live

Once the site was ready to go live we set about removing all the malicious web page links point the the site. Setting up sitemaps and analytics for both Google and Bing in was only a matter of hours before the new web site was functioning correctly. 

So you want a web site designed

COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start promoting to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting!