SAF new shirt launch photoshoot

SAF FIFA22 EA Sports Players Location Photo Shoot

Gearing up for the launch of the new EA Sports FIFA22 game release the guys a SAF all got together at the new SAF offices at the Snetterton. Traveling in for all over the UK and flying in from Denmark all the player donned their their newly delivered SAF 2022 season shirts for their profile shots for ES Sports. Gary pulled out all the stops to with some nice ideas for light effects for shots along side the formal shots required by EA Sports.

SAF FIFA22 new shirt drone and smoke bomb
Callum gave team team which we took outside and fired the drone up with a smoke bomb thrown in for good measure… Lets face it all good photoshoots need a smoke bomb.

Your van made perfect

Make Your Van Perfect

Your van made perfect

Proof the social media is a great marketing tool was our latest 3D project. Eastbourne… yes Eastbourne based plant supplier Athelas Plants got in touch after seeing our 3D Van wrap for MN Landscapes. Our Pinterest post detailing the 3D project to create a set on images that looked like the sides and rear had been removed from the vehicle caught Matts eye.

Athelas Plants are not strangers to the world of 3D as suppliers to the BBC programme “Your Garden Made Perfect”  suppling plants for a number of episodes.  Not having their van at the start of the project we went on the hunt for good images of the van to start modelling  the basic shell of of the project.

Athelas Plants Van 3D Wrap Concept

Working with what imagery we could source and the 3D van internals created we could set about adding the the plants. Firstly we got wish list of plants Matt wanted to see on the back on the van.  To keep the budget as low as we could 3D libraries were used to get some of the plants. 

Athelas Plants Van 3D Wrap With Plants

The feedback came in proving we’re designers not horticulturists. With the house plants removed and the focus turn entirely towards the plants and not fancy pots. Slowly the van started to fill the some exotic plants and terracotta pots and of course we had to slip the COG media 3D logo in somewhere. With more flowers creeping in the scene was becoming more and more colourful. Next the statement trees were added with sticking yellows and reds… The scene was close to being finished. 

Finally with the all the pots and planets placed and fine tuned to fit round wheel arches and fixtures and fittings we could turn our attention to the rear doors. A new thing to think about was the large framework around each door and the join in the middle. It was soon very clear that our big and clear sign that worked perfectly for the sides would not work for the rear of the van.

Athelas Plants 3D Van Rear Doors Concept Mockup

With a new layout worked on and a square version of the sign dropped in it was time for the renders to start. It was the first major job for our new render machine. An intel i9 wit 32 threads at our disposal they were all pushed to the limit with over 8 million polygons in the project. With lot of the surfaces were reflective and different levels of opacity it was clear that this would not be an over night render. With the first render set off and one crash under its belt a new approach was necessary.  Splitting the render into sections was the answer. 

Athelas Plants 3D Render Times

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    Christmas comes early for COG media

    Galton Blackiston and Godwick Turkeys Video Shoot

    “Evening Martyn… What are you up to tomorrow morning…” That was the call that made Christmas come early for COG media. One of the marketing companies we work closely will had a rush job for us. Firstly the brief was to film local chef Galton Blackiston at his home preparing and cooking a Christmas lunch from scratch.  Rob from Godwick Turkeys called on Galton to give tips and tricks of the trade for a perfect Christmas lunch… Hopefully with out all the stress. After a bit of juggling and kit prep we were ready for the task in hand.

    Galton took us from unboxing of a Godwick Turkey through prepping the bird to getting it into the oven. While the Turkey was cooking away we moved to filming the accompaniments and stuffing. Watching Galton make his stuffing with some simple and tasty ingredients inspired me to try it out this Christmas. Watch the video and have ago yourself.

    With the kitchen filling with some amazing smells mouths were soon watering with the promise of tasting the final results. Eventually the Turkey, stuffing and veg all ready Galton, Rob and our team sat down for a Christmas lunch in November… and very tasty it was to0!

    eSports players Photoshoot for SAF Team

    SAF EA Sports Players Norwich Photo Shoot
    There’s nothing like a last minute job and the eSports players photoshoot for newly rebranded was certainly that. With 48hrs to sort locations and get everyone in the same room at the same time was a big ask. Working with GH Photography a studio space and lighting was inplace and a hand full of lifestyle locations were scouted. Both eSports players were pretty much on time and soon the profile and supporting photos were underway. Firstly pulling the best from the team mates, swag and winning poses were worked to out and in the bag. Sporting SAF official merchandise and team shirts SAF MD Callum was pleased as his two young players relaxed in front of the camera.

    Outdoor Lifestyle Photo Shoot

    With all the play profiles sorted to EA Sports guidelines it was on to the lifestyle part of the shoot. Working the the tight deadline and player availability meant an evening shot was the only option. Just to throw a spanner in the works the perfect weather took a turn literally as we were leaning the studio. But rain did not stop play. With flashes and lights all in their rain proof covers we hit Norwich fully prepared. Urban and architecturally impressive locations were selected and the boys embraced the task at hand. In addition the rain added to the drama of some of the location and if anything added to the look and feel of the final images. With Callum happy with the evenings shoot it was back to the studio and time to process the selected photographs. Working late into the night and early the next morning the final photos were all processed and sent off to the client so they could fire them over to EA… All head of the deadline.  

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      Web site update we can solve it

      wecansolvit web site update
      When one of our clients came to us with an urgent need to rebrand and get a new web site update designed we jumped on the task. Requiring just a name change Savi Recruitments old logo element could be recycled for the new brand. Our good friends as Savi Recruitment were required to go thru a name change earlier this year… wanting to keep it “the same but different” we could re use the colour scheme and logo element that had already served the company well. Becoming SolvIt Recruitment a funky domain name was chosen… is now the new home for Scott and his team. A short and quirky name will allow the new web site be rememberable. Keeping the new web site clean and simple its an easy task to find the job you’re looking for then get hold of the Solvit team.

      So you want a web site designed

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        Serious About FIFA website and brand development

        Serious About FIFA Website and Brand Development

        COG media and please to now be working with SAF (Serious About FIFA). SAF is an eSports Team and community for hardcore FIFA players and pros looking to have in depth discussions around gameplay, tactics, news, esports, and more.  Serious About FIFA is the worlds largest paid SIP Discord in the world for the past two years. Taking on their existing website which required a lot to improvement to say the least. Firstly we updated the existing site to perform and comply with Google and corrected the imagery to match Serious About FIFA’s demographic.

        Then we set about updating the website to our tried and tested platform. Moving away from the Visual Composer back end to the more flexibly Elementor. Lifting the existing wording and imagery the site was quickly taking shape. Updating all the existing product line photos with new clean imagery all compressed for page speed the new site was close to being ready to go live. Whilst we were working on the back end of Woo-commerce online eCommerce shop we realised that COG media could bring a lot more to the SAF brand as well as the site. Taking on our own back we have a couple of prototype new products produced sporting the new slogan we came up with “I PLAY THEREFORE I AM…” 


        Product Development

        Once we had the mocks ready we drop a quick message to SAF and they were round to go over the ideas we can come up with. Embracing the new branding with the addition of adding gamer tags to the certain products we started to expand the items in online shop. Chill E Sports Bottles, Snapback Caps and Beanies were the first of out new items to hit the store with the first orders coming in only 24hrs after they added. 

        Moving on from the initial products we set out adding the the SAF brand. To keep the costs down we turned to 3D renders and Photoshop to create and develop new ideas and expand on existing one item products.

        Read all about it…

        Bringing a new way of blogging to Serious About FIFA… Put it up and keep it up! Blog posts were being removed after they had served their purpose. Blogs are an important part of search engine optimisation, with information and details based round your organisation. A suite of imagery was created for new team members, eSports news and all things FIFA. Keep the brand across the entire site is key.

        Serious About FIFA Mug Designs

        So you want a web site designed

        COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start promoting to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

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