Outsourcing your social media can save you time and make you money

Social Media Management Norwich

Entrepreneurs have one thing in common, their time is precious and often in short supply.


For most business owners there are never enough hours in a day, and never enough days in a week.

Your time is money, so you need to make sure you are making the most of the limited time you have each day.

Social media is a great way of raising the profile of your business and engaging with new and potential clients but to get it right takes time.

Often social media management is somewhere near the bottom of a business owners to-do list and that’s where we can help.

For an affordable fixed price, COGmedia can take over your social media channels and leave you free to focus on making the most of your time.

Our social media management service is popular with clients because we make sure that your social media channels reflect your brand.

We create and post must-click content that helps your business start new conversations and grow your audience organically without relying on paid media.

Our team can create a mix of bespoke content that your audience will love and want to share with their own social media network.

We also produce regular reports based on insight from your social media channels and your website analytics to show you how our social media management is helping your business.

Adopting a personal and emotive approach to social media management allows us to drive maximum engagement and make your social media channels stand out against your competitors.

Social media can’t just be broadcasting messages to your audience without engaging in a real conversation, COGmedia’s tried and test approach to social media management is centred on engaging with your audience not talking at them.

A more engaged and active audience is far more likely to remember your brand and deliver increased revenue.

We can help you today!

Contact us today to see how we can help you to transform your social media output into something your audience wants to see, share and talk about.

Innovatum Smartsearch 3D Trade Show Video

Innovatium Smartsearch 3D Video

Another exciting project was offered to us on the back of a trade stand design we produced last year.

Innovatum tasked us with bringing the trade stand to life with animated sequences depicting all their services.

A very simple storyboard was sent over with a few supporting photographs.  We quickly decided to reproduce the fish tank cutaway look we’d used before for the 3D video sequences.  This came with a whole set of issues we needed to come up with answers to.

Nigel set about coming up with the technical aspects of designing a 3D scene that would work within the boundaries of the look we were after.

Merging a clipping and object rigged scene with a lighting and texturing scene a working look came together.  Innovatium’s ROV could now fly around a vurtual  undulating sea bed with rocks and plants scattered about.  Lighting effects were used to simulated merky water with particle systems generating bubbles from the ROV’s motors.  Real world data was superimpose on to the 3D world to show how Innovatums technology works.  Cutaway 3D scenes based on board a survey vessel we’re used to show actual screens from real surveys.

Artistic license was used to show the magnetizing of seabed cables in true Acme style cartoon way with a giant magetnet fixed to the back on a ship.

The Cooking Guild Promotion Video Shoot

The Cooking Guild Promotion Video Shoot

Local business The Cooking Guild were in the need for a promotional video shoot showcasing one of their range of designer but functional kitchen knives. Wanting to show the versatility of the knives in a professionals hands. Extending what the client was after we also added in the 3D modelling of the knife allowing for a detailed flypast of the product that we just couldn’t get with camera in the real world.

Dereham business Barnes Print delighted with new site from COGmedia

Dereham business Barnes Print delighted with new site from Cogmedia

Dereham business gets the COGmedia treatment

A family run business in Dereham that produce matchday programmes for non-league football clubs and cricket fixture booklets for grassroots cricket clubs are delighted with their new site delivered by COGmedia.

Barnes Print E.A. Ltd, approached COGmedia in February 2019 and the site was built and delivered in under two weeks giving the business the chance to expand outside of East Anglia.

Simon Barnes, the Managing Director of the company said he was delighted with COGmedia’s no-nonsense approach and focus on delivery.

He said: “COGmedia were great, we knew needed a new website and told them what we were trying to achieve, and they made it happen.

“They took the stress out of the project and hit every deadline they set, they listened to what we wanted and combined our requirements with their expertise to deliver a great website which has helped us to grow the business.

“We are now getting far more football and cricket clubs find us on Google than ever before, we are easy for clubs to find and that’s helped us to pick up more partner clubs.

“The site has also allowed us to upload our publications online for the first time in our history, the feedback from our advertisers and clubs has been great.”

COGmedia were delighted to work with Barnes Print on their website revamp and continue to work with the business today to maintain their strong search engine performance.

Our team could help your business just like we helped Barnes Print, so if you are looking for a new website or looking to get more out of your existing site contact us today.