New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

Time for a new website design

Taking advantage of lockdown, not able to take my Grand Tour through Europe it was  new website design time for COGmedia. Firstly upgrading our WordPress Technology to include the same editor we’ve been using for our clients over the last year. Secondly to take advantage of all the new projects we’ve been working on. New services came online as well adding marketing to our products.

Website Design First steps…

Backup all existing content

Drawing on the existing website we backed up all the blogs and pages ready to drop into the new framework. When we revamp existing WordPress websites doing this backup will keep the site structure. This is always good practise to keep Google and other search engines happy. Now we had the old site ready to start designing the new look.


Fresh New Website Look

Go big or go home…

Moving away from the boxed look of the old COGmedia website we wanted to use the full screen available where possible. Keeping the site responsive on all platforms templates where created for full width image based headers. Our latest development platform allows us to quickly add control on how the page will look on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Website performance is very important part of page design. Posts like the one you’re reading now got a full width feature image which greets you when you get to the post.


New Marketing Services

Expanding our product offerings

With our new website comes new services. Ed Colman joins COGmedia as a marketing consultant. This now means we can offer your business copy writing, email marketing, Public Relations and Communications. Along with a fresh approach to Social Media Promotion. So if you just starting out in business COGmedia can support your from your initial idea to launch day.


Website Search Engine Optimisation

Getting our website design pages found

Keeping up with all the new innovations with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we reviewed all our pages and blog posts. Ensuring that the likes of Google and Bing could index our website. Adding to our blog posts with cleaning and informative content tells the world what your business is all about. So we have been back the the COGmedia vaults posts articles on past projects. So if you’re only just getting a business website blogs and posts can be back dated to keep a timeline of past work.

We’re now Marketing… Another string to our bow

Norwich Norfolk Marketing Services

We are please to announce the COGmedia is now able to offer a plethora of marketing services.

Content Marketing

Cog Media can help you create web content that really works for your business. We look at what sort of content will perform well and what sort of content your target audience is consuming to create a robust content marketing plan.

Our content marketing team have experience producing a wide range of content from newsletters to brochures, magazines to infographics and anything and everything in-between.
We can also help you to create digital media assets to drive engagement and increase your brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get your content in front of your customers and COGmedia can help you build must-click emails and write brilliant content to maximise your return.
We can bring your database of customers and leads to life by giving them well designed content that is worth reading straight into their inbox.
COGmedia’s team are up to date on all things GDPR, so you can be confident that your and your customers’ data is in safe hands.

Pay Per Click Marketing

COGmedia can help you to understand what PPC campaigns are and how or if they can help your business. PCC campaigns can be a very cost-effective way of increasing your visibility for key search terms that your business wouldn’t otherwise rank highly for in organic searches.

We will manage your campaign to ensure that your spend delivers qualified leads, i.e. people who we know are actively searching for your product or service.

Marketing Analytics

If you want to know more about how visitors are interacting with your website and your campaigns, Cog Media can help you to make the most of your Google and Social Media Analytics.

You are already collecting a huge amount of data that you can do so much with. You can measure performance, track progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) and use your data to prove any assumptions you have.


We can help you today!

COGmedia can help you to understand, interpret and analyse your data and use it to refine your activity and increase the return on your investment.

Covid19 support to clients during the pandemic

Covid19 support to clients during the pandemic

Covid19 information media

Who could have guessed the impact  Covid19 was going to have when we started to hear about infections in China…  Within a few months the whole world was getting to terms with a new way of living and working.

Very quickly a number of our clients were having designs for eshots, flyers and posters produced. One of our largest clients had a whole section added to their website offering advice,  guidance and links to their clients.  Daily we were adding to their Covid-19 blog, producing social media branded memes and positive messages for the whole group.

Covid19 Prepare for Back to Business

We’ve even designed a suite of “back to business” posts which hopefully will be put to good use very soon.


COGmedia would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients,  suppliers and friends all the best at this difficult time.

Innovatum Smartsearch 3D Trade Show Video

Innovatium Smartsearch 3D Video

Another exciting project was offered to us on the back of a trade stand design we produced last year.

Innovatum tasked us with bringing the trade stand to life with animated sequences depicting all their services.

A very simple storyboard was sent over with a few supporting photographs.  We quickly decided to reproduce the fish tank cutaway look we’d used before for the 3D video sequences.  This came with a whole set of issues we needed to come up with answers to.

Nigel set about coming up with the technical aspects of designing a 3D scene that would work within the boundaries of the look we were after.

Merging a clipping and object rigged scene with a lighting and texturing scene a working look came together.  Innovatium’s ROV could now fly around a vurtual  undulating sea bed with rocks and plants scattered about.  Lighting effects were used to simulated merky water with particle systems generating bubbles from the ROV’s motors.  Real world data was superimpose on to the 3D world to show how Innovatums technology works.  Cutaway 3D scenes based on board a survey vessel we’re used to show actual screens from real surveys.

Artistic license was used to show the magnetizing of seabed cables in true Acme style cartoon way with a giant magetnet fixed to the back on a ship.

The Cooking Guild Promotion Video Shoot

The Cooking Guild Promotion Video Shoot

Local business The Cooking Guild were in the need for a promotional video shoot showcasing one of their range of designer but functional kitchen knives. Wanting to show the versatility of the knives in a professionals hands. Extending what the client was after we also added in the 3D modelling of the knife allowing for a detailed flypast of the product that we just couldn’t get with camera in the real world.

Mouth watering Take Thai menu design update

Mouth watering Take Thai Menu update

Take Thai Menu Design 2020


Another overhaul of our clients Take Thai menu design. Lots of new dishes to added and a few of the older dishes getting a wording update. Successful takeaway owner Andy decided that this 5th Revision for 2020 of the menu design would keep with the existing colour palette. As our Adobe InDesign design files had been set up with style sheets it was easy for Andy to try out a few new colour ideas before sticking with the proven theme.


Keep it simple every time


All dishes on the menu still had their Thai translations or Norwich Thai population. With more dishes than ever on the new menu we had to do a few teaks to font size, spacing and line height again the style sheets came in very handy.

Cover photographs were replaced with new shots of the mouth watering food cooked at Take Thai. We always look forward to menu updates and new dishes. There’s something for everyone on the menu from mild to very hot with some amazing tastes and flavours.