New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

Time for a new website design

Taking advantage of lockdown, not able to take my Grand Tour through Europe it was  new website design time for COG media. Firstly upgrading our WordPress Technology to include the same editor we’ve been using for our clients over the last year. Secondly to take advantage of all the new projects we’ve been working on. New services came online as well adding marketing to our products.

Website Design First steps…

Backup all existing content Drawing on the existing website we backed up all the blogs and pages ready to drop into the new framework. When we revamp existing WordPress websites doing this backup will keep the site structure. This is always good practise to keep Google and other search engines happy. Now we had the old site ready to start designing the new look.  

Fresh New Website Look

Go big or go home… Moving away from the boxed look of the old COG media website we wanted to use the full screen available where possible. Keeping the site responsive on all platforms templates where created for full width image based headers. Our latest development platform allows us to quickly add control on how the page will look on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Website performance is very important part of page design. Posts like the one you’re reading now got a full width feature image which greets you when you get to the post.  

New Marketing Services

Expanding our product offerings With our new website comes new services. Ed Colman joins COG media as a marketing consultant. This now means we can offer your business copy writing, email marketing, Public Relations and Communications. Along with a fresh approach to Social Media Promotion. So if you just starting out in business COG media can support your from your initial idea to launch day.  

Website Search Engine Optimisation

Getting our website design pages found

Keeping up with all the new innovations with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we reviewed all our pages and blog posts. Ensuring that the likes of Google and Bing could index our website. Adding to our blog posts with cleaning and informative content tells the world what your business is all about. So we have been back the the COG media vaults posts articles on past projects. So if you’re only just getting a business website blogs and posts can be back dated to keep a timeline of past work.

So you want a web site designed

COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start promoting to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

    Belmont Roofing Commercial Photo Shoot

    Roofing Commercial Photo shoot

    Office and Staff photo shoot

    With COG media designing the new Belmont Roofing website it as an obvious choice for us to do all the photography.  The Belmont Roofing commercial photo shoot was to capture office scenes and head shots to complete the website update.  One by one all the staff members filed in ready for their close up. We had all the usual banter about photoshopping this and air brushing that. Then it was time to get all the department photography. Belmont Roofing draw on the  old and new when it comes to their design department. With Doug not wanting the head and shoulder shots we finally got him in front of the camera. It was  a delightful insight into his years of experience having him explain how he make to be a drafts-man. There is still a place for his skills in this day high tech and computers.c

    Photo Editing and final images

    Back from the Belmont Roofing commercial photo shoot and in the studio photographs were all downloaded and ready to be processing. Firstly all the head shots were made ready for background removal and fine tuning. A uniform backdrop was placed behind all the staff… Except Doug… With all the photographs cropped, compress and made ready for the website revamp all the imagery was ready to upload. 

    As an extension of the website photography project Belmont Roofing had COG media update and give all their portfolio PDF’s and spec sheets a visual update. These can now be found on the Belmont Roofing website.

    Are you ready for your close-up?

    Contact us today and we’ll talk you through our full photograph services. Whether it’s corporate head shots, that awesome new product or conference coverage we got you covered.