Norwich based Formula One Race Simulation company, Go Race Events is looking to start racing into online markets.

Starting on their flying lap, Go Race Events have gone through a re-brand with a brand new website design with marketing materials to follow. With the 2016 season just round the corner and Formula One’s on a lot of people’s minds due to the huge success of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button for McLaren and Mercedes respectively; Kevin of Go Race Events is expanding his Racing Simulation business to bring the full Formula One experience. This is one of many new packages the Norwich based company is adopting and he felt that with the new era for his company, his online presence had to be modernised and streamlined.Working with esteemed Marketing Guru, Jamie Allan, GoRace Events are also increasing their online scope by adopting new schemes to reach more people in the local area and all over the UK with his unique new take on corporate events and team building days. What we are most excited about with the new Go Race events packages is the full car branding; which will offer companies and organisations the chance to see what they would look like if they were one of the 11 established Teams along with team kits (Polo shirts, jumpsuits, Caps, etc.)

The history of COG Media and Go Race Events goes back to when the team built them a video for their early years back in 2005.

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