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Covid19 support to clients during the pandemic

Covid19 support to clients during the pandemic

Covid19 information media

Who could have guessed the impact  Covid19 was going to have when we started to hear about infections in China…  Within a few months the whole world was getting to terms with a new way of living and working.

Very quickly a number of our clients were having designs for eshots, flyers and posters produced. One of our largest clients had a whole section added to their website offering advice,  guidance and links to their clients.  Daily we were adding to their Covid-19 blog, producing social media branded memes and positive messages for the whole group.

Covid19 Prepare for Back to Business

We’ve even designed a suite of “back to business” posts which hopefully will be put to good use very soon.


COG media would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients,  suppliers and friends all the best at this difficult time.