Outsourcing your social media can save you time

Social Media Management Norwich

Entrepreneurs have one thing in common, their time is precious and often in short supply.

For most business owners there are never enough hours in a day, and never enough days in a week.

Your time is money, so you need to make sure you are making the most of the limited time you have each day.

Social media is a great way of raising the profile of your business and engaging with new and potential clients but to get it right takes time.

Often social media management is somewhere near the bottom of a business owners to-do list and that’s where we can help.

For an affordable fixed price, COG media can take over your social media channels and leave you free to focus on making the most of your time.

Our social media management service is popular with clients because we make sure that your social media channels reflect your brand.

We create and post must-click content that helps your business start new conversations and grow your audience organically without relying on paid media.

Our team can create a mix of bespoke content that your audience will love and want to share with their own social media network.

We also produce regular reports based on insight from your social media channels and your website analytics to show you how our social media management is helping your business.

Adopting a personal and emotive approach to social media management allows us to drive maximum engagement and make your social media channels stand out against your competitors.

Social media can’t just be broadcasting messages to your audience without engaging in a real conversation, COG media’s tried and test approach to social media management is centred on engaging with your audience not talking at them.

A more engaged and active audience is far more likely to remember your brand and deliver increased revenue.

We can help you today!

Contact us today to see how we can help you to transform your social media output into something your audience wants to see, share and talk about.

Your website will need to work smarter to kickstart your recovery

Your website will need to work smarter to kickstart your recovery

Every website exists to generate downloads/views/sales/signups/etc and as businesses look to kickstart their recovery post Covid-19 your website needs to deliver more.

To deliver more, your website needs to be attracting the right people in the right volume.

Social media adverts, SEO and pay per click adverts can all be great ways of boosting the traffic going to your website, but they can also be an expensive way of amplifying the wrong audience.

The trick to all forms of digital marketing is to continually refine your campaigns to increase the return on your investment.

You need to use the data you gather through Google Analytics, Google AdWords and your social media channels to inform your decision making.

Don’t work on what you think you know, make your decisions based on what the data is telling you.

Dynamic campaigns that are continually improved and tweaked based on data are the ones which deliver the biggest return on your investment and could be the catalyst for strong growth post Covid-19.

Analysing this data properly takes time and at COG media we focus on your campaigns while your focus on your business.

Our team knows how to spot patterns in your campaign data and can refine content output and campaign audiences to deliver the best possible results.

Not all data is born equal, our team knows which data can be used to add the most value and deliver the best possible return for our clients.

We can help you today!

Speak to our team today to see how a digital campaign can help your business attract new customers and grow.

New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

Time for a new website design

Taking advantage of lockdown, not able to take my Grand Tour through Europe it was  new website design time for COG media. Firstly upgrading our WordPress Technology to include the same editor we’ve been using for our clients over the last year. Secondly to take advantage of all the new projects we’ve been working on. New services came online as well adding marketing to our products.

Website Design First steps…

Backup all existing content Drawing on the existing website we backed up all the blogs and pages ready to drop into the new framework. When we revamp existing WordPress websites doing this backup will keep the site structure. This is always good practise to keep Google and other search engines happy. Now we had the old site ready to start designing the new look.  

Fresh New Website Look

Go big or go home… Moving away from the boxed look of the old COG media website we wanted to use the full screen available where possible. Keeping the site responsive on all platforms templates where created for full width image based headers. Our latest development platform allows us to quickly add control on how the page will look on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Website performance is very important part of page design. Posts like the one you’re reading now got a full width feature image which greets you when you get to the post.  

New Marketing Services

Expanding our product offerings With our new website comes new services. Ed Colman joins COG media as a marketing consultant. This now means we can offer your business copy writing, email marketing, Public Relations and Communications. Along with a fresh approach to Social Media Promotion. So if you just starting out in business COG media can support your from your initial idea to launch day.  

Website Search Engine Optimisation

Getting our website design pages found

Keeping up with all the new innovations with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we reviewed all our pages and blog posts. Ensuring that the likes of Google and Bing could index our website. Adding to our blog posts with cleaning and informative content tells the world what your business is all about. So we have been back the the COG media vaults posts articles on past projects. So if you’re only just getting a business website blogs and posts can be back dated to keep a timeline of past work.

So you want a web site designed

COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start promoting to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

    We’re now Marketing… Another string to our bow

    Norwich Norfolk Marketing Services

    We are please to announce the COG media is now able to offer a plethora of marketing services.

    Content Marketing

    Cog Media can help you create web content that really works for your business. We look at what sort of content will perform well and what sort of content your target audience is consuming to create a robust content marketing plan.

    Our content marketing team have experience producing a wide range of content from newsletters to brochures, magazines to infographics and anything and everything in-between.
    We can also help you to create digital media assets to drive engagement and increase your brand awareness.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a great way to get your content in front of your customers and COG media can help you build must-click emails and write brilliant content to maximise your return.
    We can bring your database of customers and leads to life by giving them well designed content that is worth reading straight into their inbox.
    COG media’s team are up to date on all things GDPR, so you can be confident that your and your customers’ data is in safe hands.

    Pay Per Click Marketing

    COGmedia can help you to understand what PPC campaigns are and how or if they can help your business. PCC campaigns can be a very cost-effective way of increasing your visibility for key search terms that your business wouldn’t otherwise rank highly for in organic searches.

    We will manage your campaign to ensure that your spend delivers qualified leads, i.e. people who we know are actively searching for your product or service.

    Marketing Analytics

    If you want to know more about how visitors are interacting with your website and your campaigns, Cog Media can help you to make the most of your Google and Social Media Analytics.

    You are already collecting a huge amount of data that you can do so much with. You can measure performance, track progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) and use your data to prove any assumptions you have.

    We can help you today!

    COGmedia can help you to understand, interpret and analyse your data and use it to refine your activity and increase the return on your investment.

    Covid19 support to clients during the pandemic

    Covid19 support to clients during the pandemic

    Covid19 information media

    Who could have guessed the impact  Covid19 was going to have when we started to hear about infections in China…  Within a few months the whole world was getting to terms with a new way of living and working.

    Very quickly a number of our clients were having designs for eshots, flyers and posters produced. One of our largest clients had a whole section added to their website offering advice,  guidance and links to their clients.  Daily we were adding to their Covid-19 blog, producing social media branded memes and positive messages for the whole group.

    Covid19 Prepare for Back to Business

    We’ve even designed a suite of “back to business” posts which hopefully will be put to good use very soon.


    COG media would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients,  suppliers and friends all the best at this difficult time.

    Young Talent | Katy’s Work Experience

    Katy work experience blog

    Work Experience at COG media – Katy Smith

    What have I learnt this week?


    Day one – Logo design

    On my first day working here at COG media, I designed some logo concepts for a few companies.

    I was inspired and influenced by the logo concept given by the company owner. This included the company name and a few rough ideas of what she liked in other logos that she had seen elsewhere. A common theme that she liked was olive leaves and watercolour so I decided to incorporate these into my rough designs.

    I personally enjoyed this task a lot; I enjoyed being creative and using online tools to create digital work like the potential logos for a florist company.

    Day two – Web design

    On my second day working at COG media, I worked on some website design for Steve Sparkes’ photography website Perfect Pose Photography. I helped by subtly editing some photos to fit the appropriate theme of the website. This particular section was for the ‘lifestyle’ portfolio on his website.

    The home page also includes a ‘me’ section. This explains about Steve and what he does with his work. I edited this image to become the background for this particular section which now looks very professional and clean. The grey to white gradient is simple yet effective and looks attractive on his website.

    For the ‘testimonials’ page on Steve’s website, I used Photoshop to manipulate and edit the images to fit the given template. Each square image had to be cropped to at least 1200 x 1200 to fit appropriately.

    This particular section included reviews of Steve’s work in photography from his customers. This being presented neatly and professionally will benefit Steve’s website by showing the work and reviews in an organised manner.

    I found this task slightly challenging at times because of my limited knowledge with the programs I was working with. Luckily however, I picked up methods quickly and followed the correct steps to achieve my given task.

    I personally enjoyed this task! I really enjoyed working on a new kind of program that was unfamiliar to me; I picked up how to use it fairly quickly. I’m now much more confident that I could design parts of a website using a combination of different editing programs, like Photoshop, to create a look that suits the theme and given measurements.


    Day three – PowerPoint presentations

    On my third day working at COGmedia, I converted multiple PowerPoint presentations to fit the format of Martyn’s work.

    Their original design was plain and unattractive. This would be very bland and boring during a presentation. There is no logo or any kind of creative formatting on any slides.

    The updated version includes a clear format, simple yet effective colour scheme and the company logo included on every slide. This makes it appealing to the eye and pleasant to look at during a professional presentation.

    Once again, I found this task enjoyable and fairly simple to complete. I’ve used PowerPoint a lot in the past but with this task I have further extended my existing knowledge. I’ve learnt about new features and methods to make the process of using the program simpler.


    Day four – Updating PowerPoint presentations further

    On my fourth day working at COG media, I further updated the PowerPoint that I started on day three. This time, I used an image stock library to provide images for the PowerPoint slides. This further improved their appearance and makes them much more attractive to the audience.

    I also edited some images to change the vibrant colours to more professional ones that fit the theme of the PowerPoint. For example, there was a businessman avatar with a purple suit which I changed to a grey one using the colour balance feature on Photoshop.

    I enjoyed this task a lot. It was fun using software that I already had knowledge on and extended my understanding by using many new features that I had never used before to achieve a more professional presentation.


    Day five – Finishing PowerPoint Slides etc.

    On my final day working at COG media for work experience, I completed the PowerPoints that I had been working on during day 3 and 4. Once again,  I used an image stock library to provide images for the PowerPoint slides. This made the slides look professional and made reading them easy and enjoyable.

    During the day, a client came in with a request for a logo design for his company.  Martyn went through some potential ideas and logo designs in a brief consultation.

    Late morning, Martyn and I went out to Dotcolour to pick up some digital printer that was ready for a client. Whilst we visited Dotcolour, I was also shown the other products that they provide, such as personalised glasses, bottles, pens and tiles etc. I enjoyed this experience and found it interesting to see how some products are made in the workshop environment. After the trip, Martyn took me to get some lunch! We both enjoyed our meals and had a really good time 🙂

    From this week’s experience, I am looking forward to hopefully doing some more work for COG media in the summer holidays! When I finish my education in two years time, I will very likely consider working for a graphic design industry full time as I really enjoy the freedom I have when designing media for companies to use.

    I’d like to thank Martyn for taking me on for this experience, I’m very grateful that he’s spent time to help me out and had patience with me for the entire placement. I was personally unsure about my future career plans and what I’d like to do after I finish my education, this experience has pushed me to be more confident and I’ve learnt that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

    Many thanks,

    Katy Smith


    WordPress 4.4 update

    Wordpress Update 4.4

    Hello Clifford… WordPress 4.4 update

    WordPress’ last update of the year 4.4, named “Clifford” in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, is available for download or update in the WordPress dashboard.

    Busy morning in the studio having gone over the new update. Continue reading