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Be my Valentine?

Feel the Love

Why your business should be asking that question!

Northern Recruitment has turned emotional as they turn to the classic methods of earning childhood companionship to attract clients by asking companies to be their valentine. But is there method behind this move? We will explore how and why this type of guerrilla marketing is becoming effective.

Love is in the air at COG Media and we are revelling in our client’s ability to get close to their customers; we have built the most classic Valentines gift in the book, the Valentines card.

Building an effective brand means building on national and local events that most people get to see online. Most of the common holidays that larger companies use to market are:

  • Christmas

  • Easter

  • Summer

  • Halloween

Taking a page from BMW, who annually publish an advert for April Fool’s day by creating some false technology like Canine Repellent Automatic Protection, the smaller holidays are worth advertising with. Valentine’s Day is another great example of building awareness for your company off of the back of these holidays.

One of our clients from the Snowy north, is incredibly proactive with their marketing strategy and is in the process of giving out loved up cards to some of her top customers to remind them how valued they are. This is a fantastic way to keep your clients thinking about you and makes them more likely to use your company in the future. Statistically, people will use your business after considering you seven times. So having enough content to be seen seven separate times can earn your SME a lot of money.