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COGmedia 3.0 web site goes live

COGmedia new wordress website

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After much love and effort, COG media 3.0 web site is now alive and kicking. Our new website has had a total overhaul on the back end using WordPress. Your user experience will now flow on desktop, mobile and tablet thanks to responsive WordPress.

Tipping our hat to the last incarnation of the COGmedia web site we have proved that not all WordPress websites have to look the same. Adding in hand coded CSS to make the new website look and perform like its predecessor. The images for the new website were created with the ever increasing mobile views in mind. Every element on every page has been carefully name and tagged to allow for better Google indexing.  

Center of Gravity

It’s now easier than ever to spread the word of COG on social media, An update to the original COGmedia blog expect to see a lot more of us on all the usual platforms.