Serious About FIFA website and brand development

Serious About FIFA Website and Brand Development

COG media and please to now be working with SAF (Serious About FIFA). SAF is an eSports Team and community for hardcore FIFA players and pros looking to have in depth discussions around gameplay, tactics, news, esports, and more.  Serious About FIFA is the worlds largest paid SIP Discord in the world for the past two years. Taking on their existing website which required a lot to improvement to say the least. Firstly we updated the existing site to perform and comply with Google and corrected the imagery to match Serious About FIFA’s demographic.

Then we set about updating the website to our tried and tested platform. Moving away from the Visual Composer back end to the more flexibly Elementor. Lifting the existing wording and imagery the site was quickly taking shape. Updating all the existing product line photos with new clean imagery all compressed for page speed the new site was close to being ready to go live. Whilst we were working on the back end of Woo-commerce online eCommerce shop we realised that COG media could bring a lot more to the SAF brand as well as the site. Taking on our own back we have a couple of prototype new products produced sporting the new slogan we came up with “I PLAY THEREFORE I AM…” 


Product Development

Once we had the mocks ready we drop a quick message to SAF and they were round to go over the ideas we can come up with. Embracing the new branding with the addition of adding gamer tags to the certain products we started to expand the items in online shop. Chill E Sports Bottles, Snapback Caps and Beanies were the first of out new items to hit the store with the first orders coming in only 24hrs after they added. 

Moving on from the initial products we set out adding the the SAF brand. To keep the costs down we turned to 3D renders and Photoshop to create and develop new ideas and expand on existing one item products.

Read all about it…

Bringing a new way of blogging to Serious About FIFA… Put it up and keep it up! Blog posts were being removed after they had served their purpose. Blogs are an important part of search engine optimisation, with information and details based round your organisation. A suite of imagery was created for new team members, eSports news and all things FIFA. Keep the brand across the entire site is key.

Serious About FIFA Mug Designs

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    New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

    New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

    Time for a new website design

    Taking advantage of lockdown, not able to take my Grand Tour through Europe it was  new website design time for COG media. Firstly upgrading our WordPress Technology to include the same editor we’ve been using for our clients over the last year. Secondly to take advantage of all the new projects we’ve been working on. New services came online as well adding marketing to our products.

    Website Design First steps…

    Backup all existing content Drawing on the existing website we backed up all the blogs and pages ready to drop into the new framework. When we revamp existing WordPress websites doing this backup will keep the site structure. This is always good practise to keep Google and other search engines happy. Now we had the old site ready to start designing the new look.  

    Fresh New Website Look

    Go big or go home… Moving away from the boxed look of the old COG media website we wanted to use the full screen available where possible. Keeping the site responsive on all platforms templates where created for full width image based headers. Our latest development platform allows us to quickly add control on how the page will look on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Website performance is very important part of page design. Posts like the one you’re reading now got a full width feature image which greets you when you get to the post.  

    New Marketing Services

    Expanding our product offerings With our new website comes new services. Ed Colman joins COG media as a marketing consultant. This now means we can offer your business copy writing, email marketing, Public Relations and Communications. Along with a fresh approach to Social Media Promotion. So if you just starting out in business COG media can support your from your initial idea to launch day.  

    Website Search Engine Optimisation

    Getting our website design pages found

    Keeping up with all the new innovations with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we reviewed all our pages and blog posts. Ensuring that the likes of Google and Bing could index our website. Adding to our blog posts with cleaning and informative content tells the world what your business is all about. So we have been back the the COG media vaults posts articles on past projects. So if you’re only just getting a business website blogs and posts can be back dated to keep a timeline of past work.

    So you want a web site designed

    COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start promoting to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

      Mouth watering Take Thai menu design update

      Mouth watering Take Thai Menu update

      Take Thai Menu Design 2020


      Another overhaul of our clients Take Thai menu design. Lots of new dishes to added and a few of the older dishes getting a wording update. Successful takeaway owner Andy decided that this 5th Revision for 2020 of the menu design would keep with the existing colour palette. As our Adobe InDesign design files had been set up with style sheets it was easy for Andy to try out a few new colour ideas before sticking with the proven theme.


      Keep it simple every time


      All dishes on the menu still had their Thai translations or Norwich Thai population. With more dishes than ever on the new menu we had to do a few teaks to font size, spacing and line height again the style sheets came in very handy.

      Cover photographs were replaced with new shots of the mouth watering food cooked at Take Thai. We always look forward to menu updates and new dishes. There’s something for everyone on the menu from mild to very hot with some amazing tastes and flavours. 

      Norwich Vegan Takeaway Vegan Wok Logo Embroidery

      Norwich Vegan Takeaway Vegan Wok Logo Embroidery

      Norwich’s newest vegan takeaway Vegan Wok came to COG media to design there company brand from the ground up.

      Firstly establishing the brand we would need to supply logo embroidery, menu design and shop signage and social media imagery.

      Takeaway Logo Design


      With a very clear idea on what they needed Vegan Wok gave us the design brief. Showing healthy animal free ingredients being tossed in a traditional wok. As Vegan Wok cooks dishes from the Far East a font style was used to complaint the region. Dropping the  “O” from Wok we dropped the avatar element of the logo in its place. In no time at all and with only a couple of concepts needed  the rest of the brand could start.

      Logo Embroidery


      As with all out logos Vegan Woks logo was embroidery ready. No overlays and every element cut out from the backdrop means for easy conversion to stitches. After that it was off to the embroiders to be stitched to the work wear.

      Take Thai Tut Tut Vinyl graphics Panels

      Take Thai Tut Tut Vinyl graphics Panels

      Continuing our services for Norwich Thai Takeaway Take Thai when it came to branding their Tut Tut Andy came to us. Over to Lou in the fabrication department to clean up and remove all the rust from the Tut Tut’s panels. Now the were ready Lou could apply several layers of gloss black paint. Once dry and gleaming logo colour matched vinyl graphics signage was cut and and applied ready for fitting the Tut Tut.

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      Future of the Flat Logo

      Flat logo design

      It is interesting to see where logos are heading as somebody who makes them everyday. With people falling into a new logo trend that Is sweeping top corporate brands and is slowly filtering down into the Start-ups and smaller businesses. Continue reading