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Typography is the key to professionalism

The Art of Typography

In business, the act of looking corporate is a massive part of the look and identity of a business. The rise of computers has seen the dramatic rise and fall of fonts from all across the spectrum. The most famous example is the elusive and universally hated Comic Sans. In the 90s, Comic Sans was everywhere, but is currently in the process of overtaking Justin Bieber as the most scowled at entity in existence. Although every man and his dog dislike Comic Sans, nobody hates the curves and childishness more than Graphic designers.

This type of overuse has led to typography makes the importance of typography in business. While unique fonts can be effective, a more standard font (Helvetica or Avant Garde) Will give your copy a lot more readable and sleeker than its crazier counterparts. Currently Sans Serif is in fashion, which has led many once popular fonts to go out of fashion. Looking at some popular logos at the moment, all share the Sans Serif font and almost all are all uppercase or all lowercase. Some great examples of positive typography in logo design are:Google (New) – Google have been smart with their re-brand. By removing the Serif from their logo and flattening the colours as well, they create two effective benefits.  I tried to replicate the old and new google logos myself on paper and there is a considerable struggle in the older logo plus it took me 4 minutes whereas the newer is easier and cleaner to replicate and took me 45 seconds. The clean look makes it far more recognisable. The second benefit is that the simpler print makes the print of the logo far more iconic and professional.