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Future of the Flat Logo

Flat logo design

It is interesting to see where logos are heading as somebody who makes them everyday. With people falling into a new logo trend that Is sweeping top corporate brands and is slowly filtering down into the Start-ups and smaller businesses. What we can also see is how design changes over the years. Where 3D logos used to be all the rage for the bigger companies and with fancy edges and a little bit of complexity; logos are becoming simpler to aid in recognisability and brand replication. A fantastic example of this is the rebrand of Virgin Media. The infinity sweep they adopted the Union Jack inside the logo along with bevels, edges, shadows and glow which made the logo busy and noisy. Whereas the new simpler logo does away with the fancy effects and sticks to the one colour format that makes it a easier to place on stationary and reduces printing costs.

Another effective change is the Netflix rebrand, although subtle, removing the shadow behind the logo made the logo far easier to animate and incorporate into the starting credits of their original series. Other high brow companies include PayPal, Airbnb, WWE, VistaPrint, The Premier League, MLS, DeviantArt and the ever changing Pepsi Logo.

What this means for smaller businesses is a couple of valuable insights into starting up and running effectively. For example, an asset that is busy and complicated can translate into a logo that is easily forgettable and harder to translate into print and on other mediums. A complicated logo will also have issues with translating onto different backgrounds especially with logos that have multiple contrasting colours.

Cog by no means is the exception to the rule! Couple of years ago the Cog Media Design Agency logo changed from the more complicated 3D cog into the simple Green Lozenge.

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