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Norwich Vegan Takeaway Vegan Wok Logo Embroidery

Norwich Vegan Takeaway Vegan Wok Logo Embroidery

Norwich’s newest vegan takeaway Vegan Wok came to COG media to design there company brand from the ground up.

Firstly establishing the brand we would need to supply logo embroidery, menu design and shop signage and social media imagery.

Takeaway Logo Design


With a very clear idea on what they needed Vegan Wok gave us the design brief. Showing healthy animal free ingredients being tossed in a traditional wok. As Vegan Wok cooks dishes from the Far East a font style was used to complaint the region. Dropping the  “O” from Wok we dropped the avatar element of the logo in its place. In no time at all and with only a couple of concepts needed  the rest of the brand could start.

Logo Embroidery


As with all out logos Vegan Woks logo was embroidery ready. No overlays and every element cut out from the backdrop means for easy conversion to stitches. After that it was off to the embroiders to be stitched to the work wear.