Norwich Smokehouse Takeaway Brand

Norwich Smokehouse

Continuing our design services for the owner of Award Winning Take Thai we were pleased to be asked to come up with the branding for Andy’s new venture… A smokehouse takeaway called Norwich Smokehouse

Its all about the brand

Andy was after a strong and simple logo design which could developed to allow for expansion in the future. With no avatar or imagery and simple colour scheme of black, white and vibrant orange for the logo, clean text based concepts were designed trying a few font variations. With a couple of logo candidates in the bag, mock-ups of signage on the new premises proved the logo would stand out to passing traffic. While we were at it Andy had us try out different styles and colour schemes for the shop exterior. This proved that less is defiantly more allowing the sticking orange of the logo to do all the talking.


Inside and Out Design

With a clean canvas and a massive shop space for the new takeaway Andy had big plans to modify the interior to suit his needs better. So it was off to the shop to get a few photos and get an idea of what could be done to the space. With time against us instead of measuring up and creating a 3D environment Andy sat with us as we build up walls and themed up the shop area to reflect the nature of the food he’s be selling.

Norwich Smokehouse Interior Before Norwich Smokehouse Interior Mockup
Norwich Smokehouse Interior After



Normal service had been resumed

With a stop gap menu used for a soft launch we were back on the case producing the menu for Andy. With a lot more space to play with we had a bit of fun with the initial designs incorporating with wood theme used in the shop . This spread in the social media content. New menu animations were used to showcase new dishes and tweaks to the launch dishes.



Off site support


Expanding the services we supply to Andy we’ve now added EPOS programming. The system Norwich Smokehouse have gone for is powerful but not the easiest to populate so we stepped up to the plate (forgive the pun) and took on the editing and additions to the growing menu. When the restaurant was getting ready to open, doors were open and all the trades were in and out so it wasn’t the warmest work places. So harnessing the power of remote access through TeamViewer we could make all the changes we needed in the comfort and warmth of our studio. 

Norwich Smokehouse EPOS

Norwich Vegan Takeaway Vegan Wok Logo Embroidery

Norwich Vegan Takeaway Vegan Wok Logo Embroidery

Norwich’s newest vegan takeaway Vegan Wok came to COG media to design there company brand from the ground up.

Firstly establishing the brand we would need to supply logo embroidery, menu design and shop signage and social media imagery.

Takeaway Logo Design


With a very clear idea on what they needed Vegan Wok gave us the design brief. Showing healthy animal free ingredients being tossed in a traditional wok. As Vegan Wok cooks dishes from the Far East a font style was used to complaint the region. Dropping the  “O” from Wok we dropped the avatar element of the logo in its place. In no time at all and with only a couple of concepts needed  the rest of the brand could start.

Logo Embroidery


As with all out logos Vegan Woks logo was embroidery ready. No overlays and every element cut out from the backdrop means for easy conversion to stitches. After that it was off to the embroiders to be stitched to the work wear.