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MN Landscapes van wrap goes 3D

MN Landscapes Van rape goes 3D

Every now and then you get a client come along with an idea that is right up your alley.  Martin from MN Landscapes was just one of those clients with his van wrap. Brandishing a sample of an idea for a cutaway 3D images to cover the latest van in his fleet I jumped at the chance to bring Martins vision to reality.

It was handy having the builders here on site still so all the elements for the 3D rendered we’re close at hand.  We took digital photos of everything that was going into the scene and set about modelling and texturing them.  Photos and measurements of the inside of the Ford Transit van we’re taken to make sure everything looked as good as it could.

With all the 3D models designed and textured sample van wrap scenes were rendered out in lo-res and photoshopped onto pictures of the van.  Martin bought into the look from there and suggested a couple of tweaks and additions.  The 3D elements were moved around to miss areas of the body work containing number plates, door runners and handles.

Then the three massive renders were set in motion the two side images taking 52 hours each to render! On close examination of the final render files we notice a few tweaks we wanted to make so limited region render windows were created and drop over the areas we wanted to improve the look.

Unique Image sign company were then tasked with wrapping the MN Landscapes van.  I got some great feedback from them as to the design and final render which is always great to hear.

Keep yours eye peeled for Martins van wrap all over Norfolk. See if you can spot the COG media logo hidden away amongst all the tools and gardening materials in the van renders.