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Your van made perfect

Make Your Van Perfect

Your van made perfect

Proof the social media is a great marketing tool was our latest 3D project. Eastbourne… yes Eastbourne based plant supplier Athelas Plants got in touch after seeing our 3D Van wrap for MN Landscapes. Our Pinterest post detailing the 3D project to create a set on images that looked like the sides and rear had been removed from the vehicle caught Matts eye.

Athelas Plants are not strangers to the world of 3D as suppliers to the BBC programme “Your Garden Made Perfect”  suppling plants for a number of episodes.  Not having their van at the start of the project we went on the hunt for good images of the van to start modelling  the basic shell of of the project.

Athelas Plants Van 3D Wrap Concept

Working with what imagery we could source and the 3D van internals created we could set about adding the the plants. Firstly we got wish list of plants Matt wanted to see on the back on the van.  To keep the budget as low as we could 3D libraries were used to get some of the plants. 

Athelas Plants Van 3D Wrap With Plants

The feedback came in proving we’re designers not horticulturists. With the house plants removed and the focus turn entirely towards the plants and not fancy pots. Slowly the van started to fill the some exotic plants and terracotta pots and of course we had to slip the COG media 3D logo in somewhere. With more flowers creeping in the scene was becoming more and more colourful. Next the statement trees were added with sticking yellows and reds… The scene was close to being finished. 

Finally with the all the pots and planets placed and fine tuned to fit round wheel arches and fixtures and fittings we could turn our attention to the rear doors. A new thing to think about was the large framework around each door and the join in the middle. It was soon very clear that our big and clear sign that worked perfectly for the sides would not work for the rear of the van.

Athelas Plants 3D Van Rear Doors Concept Mockup

With a new layout worked on and a square version of the sign dropped in it was time for the renders to start. It was the first major job for our new render machine. An intel i9 wit 32 threads at our disposal they were all pushed to the limit with over 8 million polygons in the project. With lot of the surfaces were reflective and different levels of opacity it was clear that this would not be an over night render. With the first render set off and one crash under its belt a new approach was necessary.  Splitting the render into sections was the answer. 

Athelas Plants 3D Render Times

Need a 3d something designed

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