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QRcodes – Quick Response


QRcodes – Quick Response

Ever wondered what those little squares are popping up on everything these days… QRcodes are basically next generation bar codes… they can contain a whole host of content on you, your company or just general information.  You’ll need a smartphone to be able to read whats held within the little black squares but as more and more people move over to Android mobiles, iPhones and Blackberries this shouldn’t be a problem.

We have been using QRcodes storing addresses and URLs in magazine adverts, signs, business cards for a few years now. Anyone with a smartphone equipped with the correct app can scan the QRcode to display text, contact information, get directions, or open a web page.

A number of the recruitment companies we work for started placing QRcodes in job advertisements. Giving applicants easy access to job descriptions or applying for a post. The system we use for generating QRcodes allows us to track their usage with Google Analytics. So we can demonstrate how effective an advert has been or track a codes usage at trade events.