EV charging for the greener clients

HyperVolt EV Charging

For the greener of our clients COG media now offers EV charging

Over the weekend we had our electrics updated and an EV charging point installed. Ahead of us getting our own electric vehicle COG media has taken advantage of the electric car charger grant before it runs out at the end of March 2022  and had an EV charging point installed. Having done our research and taking advice from our client Critten Electrical we went with the HyperVolt charging unit. Nothing to do with the fact it has massive lightning bolt on the front and lighting modes you can play about with… honest. With the cost of petrol and diesel going through the roof and lemmings panic buying at the drop of a hat we felt it was time to upgrade.

With a couple of our clients already running electric cars and looking to upgrade in the near future it made sense for us to add a charging point.

Clients will have access to our charger free of charge with members of the public able to request a slot the the  ZAP map app.