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Label Design for Angel Champagne

Angel Champagne New Labels

Angel Champagne label design.

Continuing our design support for Angel Champagne we were tasked with refining existing bottle label design to allow for a new foil application process.
We created front, back and neck ring artwork for the long awaited full Angel range.Updating the exsisting standard 750ml and Magnum, and the new Jeroboam and Mathusalem bottle sizes.

New Label Design – The neck ring

We started with the CAD files of each bottle size to get the diameters of the top and bottom neck rings. From there it was slide-rules out, after a lot of head scratching and numerous test prints we could assemble and drop them on the sample champagne bottles. Once we’d hit on the magic formula all the neck ring art could be dropped on and deformed to allow bending round the bottle neck.


The rest of the bottle

With the hardest part of the job out of the way its was just a case of scaling up the master designs  for all the new bottles in the range. The press label designs were ready. We pdf’ed them up and sent over to the factory so the first metal prototypes could be made… A few nervous days went by and the first label design samples came through. With everything crossed the neck rings were prepared and dropped onto the bottles. One by one each new design was a perfect fit. At this point we felt like cracking open a bottle of the good stuff… So we did!


A proud moment

The crowning moment was a trip to the storage facility to see row upon row of our label designs adorning every bottle. To find out more on how each bottle was prepared we headed to the dressing department. Each bottle of Angel Champagne is hand dressed. Placement templates had been designed for faultless application of neck, front and back labels.


To find out more about one of the most luxurious champagnes you can buy head over to Angel Champagnes website