Social Zesh Video Editing back catalogue

Social Zesh Video Edits

Video Editing Training Videos

Having sat through, participated  and watched all the Social Zesh training videos and business hub sessions we were delighted when Martin asked us to go through and cleanup and edit all the back catalogue. Cleaning up each Zoom sessions removing the guests from covering the slide content  while adding in our 3D rendered video into and outro bumpers. 

Zoom Video Presentation Edit

Zoom and the guest were gone

Martin’s invaluable Social Zesh weekly sessions offer a wide range of detailed and in-depth courses on all things social media. Calling on experts … Including our very own Martyn Oakley on the Google Core Update. 

Christmas comes early for COG media

Galton Blackiston and Godwick Turkeys Video Shoot

“Evening Martyn… What are you up to tomorrow morning…” That was the call that made Christmas come early for COG media. One of the marketing companies we work closely will had a rush job for us. Firstly the brief was to film local chef Galton Blackiston at his home preparing and cooking a Christmas lunch from scratch.  Rob from Godwick Turkeys called on Galton to give tips and tricks of the trade for a perfect Christmas lunch… Hopefully with out all the stress. After a bit of juggling and kit prep we were ready for the task in hand.

Galton took us from unboxing of a Godwick Turkey through prepping the bird to getting it into the oven. While the Turkey was cooking away we moved to filming the accompaniments and stuffing. Watching Galton make his stuffing with some simple and tasty ingredients inspired me to try it out this Christmas. Watch the video and have ago yourself.

With the kitchen filling with some amazing smells mouths were soon watering with the promise of tasting the final results. Eventually the Turkey, stuffing and veg all ready Galton, Rob and our team sat down for a Christmas lunch in November… and very tasty it was to0!

Innovatum Smartsearch 3D Video for Trade Show

Innovatium Smartsearch 3D Video

Another exciting project was offered to us on the back of a trade stand design we produced last year.

Innovatum tasked us with bringing the trade stand to life with animated sequences depicting all their services.

A very simple storyboard was sent over with a few supporting photographs.  We quickly decided to reproduce the fish tank cutaway look we’d used before for the 3D video sequences.  This came with a whole set of issues we needed to come up with answers to.

Nigel set about coming up with the technical aspects of designing a 3D scene that would work within the boundaries of the look we were after.

Merging a clipping and object rigged scene with a lighting and texturing scene a working look came together.  Innovatium’s ROV could now fly around a vurtual  undulating sea bed with rocks and plants scattered about.  Lighting effects were used to simulated merky water with particle systems generating bubbles from the ROV’s motors.  Real world data was superimpose on to the 3D world to show how Innovatums technology works.  Cutaway 3D scenes based on board a survey vessel we’re used to show actual screens from real surveys.

Artistic license was used to show the magnetizing of seabed cables in true Acme style cartoon way with a giant magetnet fixed to the back on a ship.

The Cooking Guild Promotion Video Shoot

The Cooking Guild Promotion Video Shoot

Local business The Cooking Guild were in the need for a promotional video shoot showcasing one of their range of designer but functional kitchen knives. Wanting to show the versatility of the knives in a professionals hands. Extending what the client was after we also added in the 3D modelling of the knife allowing for a detailed flypast of the product that we just couldn’t get with camera in the real world.

12 Screen Video Wall

Sony Video Wall IBC 2010

Cog Media win the contract to develop content for Sonys 12 screen video wall for  this years IBC, International Broadcasting Convention 2010 in the Rai, Amsterdam. You’ll be able to see the finished product from the 10th to the 14th of September. Work closely with the guys from InDeep how setup the 12 screen video wall running 12 full HD video streams created with Sonys own Ziris. Sticking closely to a Sony brief well be using a combination of 2D and 3D graphics and HD footage supplied by Sony.


Waste Awards 2009

Conference Norfolk Waste Awards 2009

Norfolk County Council had us racking up the miles videoing winners clips for the their Waste Awards 2009. Heading all over Norfolk we en-counted Schools, business, individuals, even the Royal Air Force.

Watchout Show for Fusion in the Forum Trust

Then it was on the the show content, we created a massive animated video wall for the meet and great area in the Forum Trust Fusion. 3D renders of the Awards and their nominees set the scene for the coming event.

PowerPoint for the Awards

Once we had all the clips edited together and approved by all involved it was time to build the PowerPoint presentation to stitch it all together. Using the theme from the Fusion welcome area all show used the 3D award elements to introduce each category with each of the nominees images and titles building up to allow for their recognition of their achievement of being a finalist. Then once Carol Bundock relieved with winner their name magically was etched on the award on the screen.


[vc_video title=”Waste Awards 2009 Into” link=”″]