Creating your own WordPress Blog Post

Pixlr image editing online steps

Okay, so you’ve got your gleaming new website and you want to add a WordPress blog post or product.

If you’ve had us COG media design your website we’ll have created rules and templates to make you’re life easy…. Honest. We would have set up the frame work for how images are used on your site so it always looks its best. We appreciate now everyone has the Adobe packages we use to create your site so we’ve created a crib sheet to help you on your way.

Before you get to post.

When taking images you’re going to use on your website it always good practise to shoot landscape not portrait. This will allow the images to work well on desktop browsers. But mobiles view sites vertically I hear you say. This is true but our thinking is you can still have you image on the screen and text or information abo9ut the image. The web site development system we use handles images intelligently, which is where are next nugget of advice comes in to play.  When you’re taking you’re photos try and keep you focal point in the centre of the image. so if you have a picture of a product, staff member or award.

landscape not portrait

Affordable Photo Editing

As we mentioned we get that not everyone will have access to the industry leading Photoshop from Adobe so we have a FREE to use online tool. Pixlr is a web based image editing platform with will have your images blog ready in no time. When we create your WordPress site you’ll get a Photoshop PSD file with branding options included which can be imported into Pixlr.

When we produce a  WordPress template for your website, a set of rules to allow a continuity across the look and feel will be put in place. This could not be more important than with blog posts and product images. For the purpose of this blog we use 1200 x 500 pixels.


Step 1

If you dont have Photoshop head over to Pixlr X. Follow this link and you’ll be ready to go. You’ll be presented with the welcome screen. Press the open image button and load up the Photoshop PSD or file you want to work on. 


Step 2

We are going to continue using our Photoshop PSD file you would have been sent through for a blog featured image.  The demo file we have produced has branding in it as a layer with transparency. Great for keeping that corporate look across all your blog posts.


Step 3

Your are now ready to add your image that will be used to promote your blog post. Use the add element / image option the the left hand side of the page. 


Step 4

Ignore all the extras being offered to you and go for the add media option, We’re not going to teach you to suck eggs on how to find and load your images. 


Step 5

When you import an new element into any package it will usually end up as the top later. As we only have one layer it doesn’t have much of a choice. 


Step 6

Firstly we need to get the branding showing on the image (if you are going down this route. Pixlr is no different to Photoshop in ordering the layers. Simply click and hold the mouse button down and drag the image underneath the branding layer. 

Step 06 Pixlr drag image layer down
Step 06 Pixlr drag image layer down part 2


Step 7

This is where you get to be artistic. As you should NEVER use photos straight from your camera as they will be far to big for the browser. But more importantly will rank poorly with Google when it comes to your search listing. The bigger the file the longer it will take to download. Lesson over back to the point in hand… Click the zoom out button to get you out 20% 

Step 07 Pixlr Zoom out


Step 8

Once you zoomed out you will be able to see handles that will you resize and rotate or image to the desired position. Click and hold the mouse button an any of the corner handles and drag away. Pixlr have made it easy for you to lock the aspect ratio so your image will not distort by holding down the shift key on your keyboard.

Step 08 Pixlr resize your image


Step 9

If you need to fine tune your image to get a horizon level or add a bit of flare to your featured image.

Step 09 Pixlr rotate your image


Step 10

When your masterpiece is ready you can save the file ready for the next important step to keeping Google and your hosting company happy. As the adage goes, size is important and in this case the smaller the better.

You will have a couple of option at this stage which we can throw some light on. There is a new kid on the block when it comes to images on the web. WebP is a impressive image format and one you may not have come across before. it supports solid images like jpegs and images with transparency like PNG all in one format. Sounds great but not all browsers supports them. Prime example is if you are running a older Mac that wont allow you to update for safari browser you will not be able to view WebP images… That is a decision you will ned to make. All its not lost as we can help with the reduction of the file size with another free to use website. So for our featured image we are going to use the Jpeg options with a medium amount of compress. Your image should still look good at a reasonable file size.

Step 10 Pixlr save your image

Mobility Brand and Website update

Mobility Brand and Website update

After the even if we say so ourselves “sterling job” we did for sister company the guys at Relax Mobility tasked us with their brand and website update. Drawing on the look and theme from the Bathlifts website the user expectance was a simple process. So it was on to the logo and colour scheme to set the brand rules for the website update.

Keeping the same font across the both brands with a colour change for the Relax Mobility logo we added an avatar this time which was incorporated into the text of the logo. With recline a major part of all the products a reclined chair element became the X of relax. The client was unsure at first but was the logo was dropped in on the website header and marking materials the penny dropped and the logo was put to bed.

Relax Mobility Logo

When’s a shop not a shop

Because of the nature of the products sold by Relax Mobility customers would require a home visit from one of their sales team to run thru the options, designs and fabrics available for both beds and chairs. With demo units and fabric books even Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would be proud of customers can pick some funky colour schemes and bespoke finishes so their mobility furniture doesn’t have to have that care home look, perfect for the younger customer. To all the website to still function as a eCommerce site we had all the forward facing products listed as portfolios instead of products. This would allow the customers to read up and view all the benefits of the rise and recline products and then using the call to actions book and in home free visit. 

Once a bed or chair had been selected the sales team can log into the site to gain access to the eCommerce part of the site. With all the variations and various discount structures all at the click of a dropdown and selection from a plethora of options and upgrades and accessories. A payment gateway allows for deposits and payments in full to be and with order forms and VAT handovers all being printed out onsite. Siting down with Mark to get an understand for the sales journey for both the client and sales person allowed us to work out the best and simplest route to market.

Need brand and website update?

COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start selling to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

    Website Design The devils in the detail

    online shop website design
    In the world of website design one thing that will aid the development process is content and information… the two important things in website development is content, information and imagery… the three most important, you get the idea. Steamed Studio’s online store will be selling steam bent wooden mirrors, lightshades and lamps initially with a number of new products already in development. Running along side the online shop an informative blog with information not only about products and wealth of articles on the wood they use, the environmental impact of deforestation and the history of wood in the world of design. It was a pleasure when our latest client came to us arm to the hilt with pds’s, logos, word documents, a drobox full of images and months worth of blog post content. After an initial phone call and getting Gary from Steamed Studio confident with our design process and agreeing in on a time scale and budget. Our first meeting Gary was enlightening. In true craftsman style Gary had page after page of A0 paper with layouts, photo of image placement and menu styles. Before Gary had left the websites holding page was up and style for the ecommerce side of the sites had been confirmed. I wish more sites could be like this. Steamed Studio used a professional photographer to get product images in both a clean and lifestyle format. This is perfect for creating image galleries for customers to get a great idea of what the product looks like.

    So you want a ecommerce site designed

    COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start selling to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

      Web site update for Vanta Staffing

      Vanta Staffing Website Design

      Recruitment company Vanta Staffing after four years of trading were in the market for a web site update. With content being changed and amended internally and via external agencies the site had become disjointed. 

      With a second office being opened, new recruitment sectors being added and staffing updates the web site needed new fresh look. With a website development area in place we set about creating a new fresh look based on Vanta’s existing marketing materials. A new colour scheme had been introduced which gave us a great scope for jazzing up every pages look. Bold colourful imagery showcasing Vanta’s values, Commitment, Balance, Honesty, Development, Different and Fun  are all extremely important to the brand and we upheld those values in our approach to the look and feel of the webiste. 

      Need a website update?

      COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start selling to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

        Web site update we can solve it

        wecansolvit web site update

        When one of our clients came to us with an urgent need to rebrand and get a new web site update designed we jumped on the task. Requiring just a name change Savi Recruitments old logo element could be recycled for the new brand. Our good friends as Savi Recruitment were required to go thru a name change earlier this year… wanting to keep it “the same but different” we could re use the colour scheme and logo element that had already served the company well. Becoming SolvIt Recruitment a funky domain name was chosen… is now the new home for Scott and his team. A short and quirky name will allow the new web site be rememberable. Keeping the new web site clean and simple its an easy task to find the job you’re looking for then get hold of the Solvit team.

        Need rebrand and website update?

        COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start selling to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

          Serious About FIFA website and brand development

          Serious About FIFA Website and Brand Development

          COG media and please to now be working with SAF (Serious About FIFA). SAF is an eSports Team and community for hardcore FIFA players and pros looking to have in depth discussions around gameplay, tactics, news, esports, and more.  Serious About FIFA is the worlds largest paid SIP Discord in the world for the past two years. Taking on their existing website which required a lot to improvement to say the least. Firstly we updated the existing site to perform and comply with Google and corrected the imagery to match Serious About FIFA’s demographic.

          Then we set about updating the website to our tried and tested platform. Moving away from the Visual Composer back end to the more flexibly Elementor. Lifting the existing wording and imagery the site was quickly taking shape. Updating all the existing product line photos with new clean imagery all compressed for page speed the new site was close to being ready to go live. Whilst we were working on the back end of Woo-commerce online eCommerce shop we realised that COG media could bring a lot more to the SAF brand as well as the site. Taking on our own back we have a couple of prototype new products produced sporting the new slogan we came up with “I PLAY THEREFORE I AM…” 


          Product Development

          Once we had the mocks ready we drop a quick message to SAF and they were round to go over the ideas we can come up with. Embracing the new branding with the addition of adding gamer tags to the certain products we started to expand the items in online shop. Chill E Sports Bottles, Snapback Caps and Beanies were the first of out new items to hit the store with the first orders coming in only 24hrs after they added. 

          Moving on from the initial products we set out adding the the SAF brand. To keep the costs down we turned to 3D renders and Photoshop to create and develop new ideas and expand on existing one item products.

          Read all about it…

          Bringing a new way of blogging to Serious About FIFA… Put it up and keep it up! Blog posts were being removed after they had served their purpose. Blogs are an important part of search engine optimisation, with information and details based round your organisation. A suite of imagery was created for new team members, eSports news and all things FIFA. Keep the brand across the entire site is key.

          Serious About FIFA Mug Designs

          So you want a web site designed

          COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start promoting to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting! 

            Your website will need to work smarter to kickstart your recovery

            Your website will need to work smarter to kickstart your recovery

            Every website exists to generate downloads/views/sales/signups/etc and as businesses look to kickstart their recovery post Covid-19 your website needs to deliver more.

            To deliver more, your website needs to be attracting the right people in the right volume.

            Social media adverts, SEO and pay per click adverts can all be great ways of boosting the traffic going to your website, but they can also be an expensive way of amplifying the wrong audience.

            The trick to all forms of digital marketing is to continually refine your campaigns to increase the return on your investment.

            You need to use the data you gather through Google Analytics, Google AdWords and your social media channels to inform your decision making.

            Don’t work on what you think you know, make your decisions based on what the data is telling you.

            Dynamic campaigns that are continually improved and tweaked based on data are the ones which deliver the biggest return on your investment and could be the catalyst for strong growth post Covid-19.

            Analysing this data properly takes time and at COG media we focus on your campaigns while your focus on your business.

            Our team knows how to spot patterns in your campaign data and can refine content output and campaign audiences to deliver the best possible results.

            Not all data is born equal, our team knows which data can be used to add the most value and deliver the best possible return for our clients.

            We can help you today!

            Speak to our team today to see how a digital campaign can help your business attract new customers and grow.

            New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

            New Website Design for Norwich Design Company

            Time for a new website design

            Taking advantage of lockdown, not able to take my Grand Tour through Europe it was  new website design time for COG media. Firstly upgrading our WordPress Technology to include the same editor we’ve been using for our clients over the last year. Secondly to take advantage of all the new projects we’ve been working on. New services came online as well adding marketing to our products.

            Website Design First steps…

            Backup all existing content Drawing on the existing website we backed up all the blogs and pages ready to drop into the new framework. When we revamp existing WordPress websites doing this backup will keep the site structure. This is always good practise to keep Google and other search engines happy. Now we had the old site ready to start designing the new look.  

            Fresh New Website Look

            Go big or go home… Moving away from the boxed look of the old COG media website we wanted to use the full screen available where possible. Keeping the site responsive on all platforms templates where created for full width image based headers. Our latest development platform allows us to quickly add control on how the page will look on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Website performance is very important part of page design. Posts like the one you’re reading now got a full width feature image which greets you when you get to the post.  

            New Marketing Services

            Expanding our product offerings With our new website comes new services. Ed Colman joins COG media as a marketing consultant. This now means we can offer your business copy writing, email marketing, Public Relations and Communications. Along with a fresh approach to Social Media Promotion. So if you just starting out in business COG media can support your from your initial idea to launch day.  

            Website Search Engine Optimisation

            Getting our website design pages found

            Keeping up with all the new innovations with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we reviewed all our pages and blog posts. Ensuring that the likes of Google and Bing could index our website. Adding to our blog posts with cleaning and informative content tells the world what your business is all about. So we have been back the the COG media vaults posts articles on past projects. So if you’re only just getting a business website blogs and posts can be back dated to keep a timeline of past work.

            So you want a web site designed

            COG media can help you get your company web site designed and start promoting to the world. Contact our web design team today and get our offer on website hosting!