SAF new shirt launch photoshoot

SAF FIFA22 EA Sports Players Location Photo Shoot

Gearing up for the launch of the new EA Sports FIFA22 game release the guys a SAF all got together at the new SAF offices at the Snetterton. Traveling in for all over the UK and flying in from Denmark all the player donned their their newly delivered SAF 2022 season shirts for their profile shots for ES Sports. Gary pulled out all the stops to with some nice ideas for light effects for shots along side the formal shots required by EA Sports.

SAF FIFA22 new shirt drone and smoke bomb
Callum gave team team which we took outside and fired the drone up with a smoke bomb thrown in for good measure… Lets face it all good photoshoots need a smoke bomb.

eSports players Photoshoot for SAF Team

SAF EA Sports Players Norwich Photo Shoot
There’s nothing like a last minute job and the eSports players photoshoot for newly rebranded was certainly that. With 48hrs to sort locations and get everyone in the same room at the same time was a big ask. Working with GH Photography a studio space and lighting was inplace and a hand full of lifestyle locations were scouted. Both eSports players were pretty much on time and soon the profile and supporting photos were underway. Firstly pulling the best from the team mates, swag and winning poses were worked to out and in the bag. Sporting SAF official merchandise and team shirts SAF MD Callum was pleased as his two young players relaxed in front of the camera.

Outdoor Lifestyle Photo Shoot

With all the play profiles sorted to EA Sports guidelines it was on to the lifestyle part of the shoot. Working the the tight deadline and player availability meant an evening shot was the only option. Just to throw a spanner in the works the perfect weather took a turn literally as we were leaning the studio. But rain did not stop play. With flashes and lights all in their rain proof covers we hit Norwich fully prepared. Urban and architecturally impressive locations were selected and the boys embraced the task at hand. In addition the rain added to the drama of some of the location and if anything added to the look and feel of the final images. With Callum happy with the evenings shoot it was back to the studio and time to process the selected photographs. Working late into the night and early the next morning the final photos were all processed and sent off to the client so they could fire them over to EA… All head of the deadline.  

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    Belmont Roofing Commercial Photo Shoot

    Roofing Commercial Photo shoot

    Office and Staff photo shoot

    With COG media designing the new Belmont Roofing website it as an obvious choice for us to do all the photography.  The Belmont Roofing commercial photo shoot was to capture office scenes and head shots to complete the website update.  One by one all the staff members filed in ready for their close up. We had all the usual banter about photoshopping this and air brushing that. Then it was time to get all the department photography. Belmont Roofing draw on the  old and new when it comes to their design department. With Doug not wanting the head and shoulder shots we finally got him in front of the camera. It was  a delightful insight into his years of experience having him explain how he make to be a drafts-man. There is still a place for his skills in this day high tech and computers.c

    Photo Editing and final images

    Back from the Belmont Roofing commercial photo shoot and in the studio photographs were all downloaded and ready to be processing. Firstly all the head shots were made ready for background removal and fine tuning. A uniform backdrop was placed behind all the staff… Except Doug… With all the photographs cropped, compress and made ready for the website revamp all the imagery was ready to upload. 

    As an extension of the website photography project Belmont Roofing had COG media update and give all their portfolio PDF’s and spec sheets a visual update. These can now be found on the Belmont Roofing website.

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    COGmedia Studio coming soon…

    COGmedia studio carpets

    One step closer to the studio opening today… Walls all painted, Electrics sorted, Internet up and running… Just the carpet and a few tweaks and we’re ready to go… Watch this space… Cog Media and Visual Devotions’ Studio coming together nicely.